How to Choose Perfect Workout Towels for Your Gym

Man With Workout Towel

Almost everyone who breaks a sweat needs a workout towel. Everyday bath towels won’t do the trick.

Whether you’re a busy personal trainer, pro-athlete, weekend warrior, or health-conscious gym member, having a perfect gym towel is essential for creating an exceptional workout experience.

Keep reading to learn what qualities are most important when it’s time to decide which gym towels you want to buy for your gym.

Which makes a good workout towel for gyms?

When it’s game time, you wouldn’t shoot a free-throw with a football, kick a baseball into a soccer goal, or smack a basketball with your tennis racket. Sure, all are different types of balls, but each works best when used how they’re intended.

The same thing goes for towels. Just because today’s manufacturers create towels for a wide variety of uses, that doesn’t mean any old towel on the market will do a great job helping your gym members dry off and feel clean.

The right towels are designed with workout usage in mind. Beyond size and price point, the most important factors to consider when shopping for high-quality towels—especially in bulk—are:

  • Absorbency
  • Durability
  • Thickness
  • Functionality
  • Comfortability & Softness


A workout towel’s number one job is to absorb water and excess sweat quickly and effectively.


Durability becomes an important factor often when you consider the price. You may have to pay a little more for a product that can withstand over 500 washes.


Workout towel fabric density corresponds to reliability. Thicker, heavier towels last longer and weigh more because they don’t wear down quickly like thinner towels.


Get the biggest bang for your investment by choosing multi-purpose standard workout towels that are so versatile that you can use them for other activities, like swimming, cleaning equipment, and in Spinning or Yoga classes.

Remember, what you pay for them doesn’t always sync up with the on-the-job performance of your choice for towels. Don’t use a price tag alone to make your purchasing decision. The best towels for your gym will perform well whether you’re using them to dry off after a shower, wipe sweat, or cushion the seat of a weight bench.

Comfortability & Softness

Even people without sensitive skin don’t like to rub a rough, dry towel across their face or neck. What’s worse than paying money for towels that aren’t soft enough? Workout towels that sit unused because they cause discomfort.

Why the Quality of Workout Towels Matters

From college-run fitness centers and hospital-run gyms to posh yoga studios and cookie-cutter health club chains, competition is fierce. Don’t get left behind. You can keep your existing members happy and attract new customers by giving them the amenities they need and expect, including high-performance workout towels.

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