Cheap Gym Wipes: Good Value or Waste of Money?

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You probably know the aphorism “you get what you pay for,” and you might be wondering if it applies to cheap gym wipes.

No one likes to overpay for something—especially for those things they use every day. The economy is still a little shaky from surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. Until things get back to normal, it’s completely understandable that buyers from small businesses and big businesses alike are all looking for ways to trim fat from their budgets.

But, are gym wipes a good place to make a cut in spending? Are inexpensive, disposable, disinfecting towelettes really just as good as more costly yet higher-quality, antibacterial gym wipes?

Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of spending less on this essential cleaning supply.

Con: Not all budget gym wipes kill germs

Germs are everywhere. Running a business safely requires keeping your staff and customers safe against pathogens that cause diseases, like coronavirus, MRSA, staph, cold and flu, and more.

Unfortunately, a lot of the cheapest gym wipes only sanitize. That’s because they don’t have List N status, which means they aren’t medical-grade and EPA-registered gym wipes.

When used as directed, the best gym wipes kill 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. Today, more than ever, being germ-free is essential for creating a safe workplace.

Pro: Cheap products have a lower potential sunk cost

Changing to a new type of disinfectant wipe product is always risky.

When you switch the brand of antibacterial wipes you buy in bulk, it may seem tempting to spend less money on cheap gym wipes. But what happens if you don’t like them? In that case, you dropped cash on a supposed “bargain” that’s actually a waste.

Money is money. Even if you get a good deal on disinfectant wipes, you are still be throwing away part of your budget if they can’t do the job. (Nevermind if they are so bad you end up needing to spend more to purchase the five-star gym wipes that you probably should have bought in the first place.)

Before you invest in a product that isn’t proven to do the job, shop smart and avoid regret. Buy a smaller quantity. That way you can test new cleaning wipes before making a wholesale purchase to last you through the year.

Con: Inexpensive gym wipes typically leave a residue

Unlike dirt-cheap disinfecting towelettes, you don’t have to worry about residue. That’s because most first-rate gym wipes are specially formulated. They are strong enough to remove oil, dirt, and germs without leaving a nasty film behind.

Con: Low-priced gym wipes often rip and tear

All wipes are disposable. But, sadly, you often have to use multiple inferior, cheap gym wipes to get the job done that one nicer high-quality gym wipe can do. It just doesn’t make sense (or cents) to use an inferior product.

What’s even worse is that when you use cheap gym wipes, they sometimes take longer to dry than their superior competitors, too.

Do you really want a product that requires your cleaning process to take longer than it needs to?

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