Do Antibacterial Wipes Kill Coronavirus?

Wiping Down Handles

What used to pass for routine cleaning is a thing of the past. During the on-going pandemic, we are all taking extra steps to stop any potential spread. A big part of being safer means being more diligent with keeping frequently-touched devices, equipment, and other work surfaces disinfected using antibacterial wipes.

Read on to learn how to keep people in your workplace healthy using the right cleaning wipes combined with proper hygiene techniques for disinfecting.

How Can You Tell if Your Gym Wipes Kill COVID-19?

100% biodegradable! Cleans 2x Better! Cuts through grease! Fresh scent! Alcohol-free! Multi-use! Bleach-free! Single-use! Soft and gentle! Plastic-free! Parabens-free! 40% thicker! Hypoallergenic! Streak-free! Non-sticky! Gentle on hands! Power performance!

When it comes to evaluating different antibacterial wipes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed because manufacturers include so many different (and sometimes misleading) messages on their products’ packaging.

Cut through all the label noise and look for what matters the most: Are these wipes certified to kill over 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19 germs?

Moreover, getting an answer to this question is easy, thanks to scientists’ work at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). No, you don’t need an Ivy League degree in microbiology to figure out if a product can kill coronavirus germs.

You can verify any antibacterial wipes product’s List N status against marketing claims of germ-killing effectiveness on your own. Just visit the EPA’s website. If it is listed there, you’re good to disinfect with confidence.

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What Is the EPA’s List N?

The EPA’s List N is an official registry of disinfectant products proven to kill coronavirus. But that’s not all. If you have concerns about other types of bacteria, the list also includes information on products’ demonstrated efficacy to kill other viral pathogens, including poliovirus and norovirus, etc.

While it might sound obvious, it should be noted that following product directions makes a difference in its effectiveness. This is especially true when using antibacterial gym wipes. According to the EPA’s website, all products included on their List N will destroy COVID-19 with one big caveat. They will only work if you use them as directed.

The most important factor to pay close attention to is how much time the antibacterial wipes require the surface to appear visibly wet after disinfecting.

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How Can You Look Up a Product on the EPA’s List N?

To confirm your antibacterial gym wipes are on the List N and have the necessary chemical composition, visit the EPA’s website. Once there, use the directory search tool. It can help you confirm a product’s effectiveness at eliminating coronavirus bacteria.

With laboratory testing and research always underway, the EPA continues to add new products to their List N. It currently includes nearly 500 approved disinfectants for killing COVID-19.

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