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Z Racks Needed Blog

Z-Racks, 4 Signs You Need Them

Z-Racks, which are often referred to as retail clothing racks or garment racks are portable hanging racks that utilize a Z frame base. Normally, Z Racks have 4 all swivel casters.  One caster being on each corner for easy movement of garments. There are many different models and indeed some are built way better than […] Continue reading Z-Racks, 4 Signs You Need Them

Sideline Towels Blog

3 Great Sideline Towels-Options From the Towel Experts

Sideline Towels Sideline towels or court towels are something that fans will frequently see while watching professional football or basketball games. These towels often come from your favorite towel supplier, Texon Athletic Towel and Supply.   Towels are widely used in many different sports, and in many different ways.  Our towels are used in football for […] Continue reading 3 Great Sideline Towels-Options From the Towel Experts

R&B Wire #201H/ANTI

Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Cart

ANTIMICROBIAL WIRE LAUNDRY CARTS Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Carts from R & B Wire can help an equipment room, laundromat of home keep bacterial bio-loads to a minimum and avoid cross contamination. In the hope of spreading less flu, MRSA, C-Diff and more. The Antimicrobial powder option from R & B Wire creates the first ever wire […] Continue reading Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Cart

Mesh Zipper Bag Blog Post

Mesh Laundry Bags: Net Clip Vs. Zippered

You’ve heard about the benefits of mesh laundry bags and have decided to purchase them for your business. After browsing through the different options, you’re probably wondering about the differences between the Net Clip and Zippered versions. To help you decide on the better option for your business, we’ve created this comparison. Read on to […] Continue reading Mesh Laundry Bags: Net Clip Vs. Zippered