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Gym Towels Guide Blog Post

Gym Towel Buying Guide

Gym Towel Buying Guide Gym towels are a sometimes-overlooked part of the health club industry.  They are however part of the fabric of the industry, and as long as people sweat, and people shower, there will be a need for wholesale gym towels and suppliers that provide exceptional service and selection. Successful club ownership and/or management […] Continue reading Gym Towel Buying Guide

Replace Gym Towels Blog Post

How Often Should I Buy New Gym Towels?

Successful gym owners know that providing their members with all the equipment they need for their workout is essential for keeping them happy and returning to their gym. This is why many gyms provide towel service since it’s a convenient solution for their member’s workout needs. However, maintaining the condition of these towels is sometimes […] Continue reading How Often Should I Buy New Gym Towels?

What Are Gym Wipes Blog Post

What Are Gym Wipes?

If you own or manage a gym then you know that cleanliness and hygiene of your equipment are important for keeping your customers happy. Not only is it unpleasant to see a puddle of someone else’s sweat on gym equipment before using it, it’s unhygienic too. Bacteria thrives in warm and moist environments and the […] Continue reading What Are Gym Wipes?

Laundry Cart Plastic Vs Canvas Blog Post

Canvas vs Plastic Laundry Carts

Are you considering buying a laundry cart for your business? If your business produces a vast amount of laundry, then a laundry cart is an ideal way to move your loads from point to point. However, choosing the right laundry cart for your specific circumstances can be difficult when faced with so many choices. That’s […] Continue reading Canvas vs Plastic Laundry Carts