The Best Laundry Bags Are a Game Changer for Collegiate Sports

Best Laundry Bag For Hauling Gear

When most people think of college sports, they think of their favorite team, its mascot, and even the colors on the players’ jerseys. But what they probably don’t think about is how those jerseys get clean and all the equipment and tools (such as the best laundry bags) needed to keep a program’s laundry operations running smoothly.

Making Life Easier for Equipment Managers

There are so many things that go into running a successful sports program. Equipment managers have an essential job, and one of their biggest tasks is managing the team’s laundry operations. They need the right equipment to make it all happen. That’s where mesh laundry bags come in to save the day.

The Many Uses of the Best Laundry Bags

The laundry bags are made from a porous and durable polyester mesh material that allows water and soap suds to pass through it while providing a barrier to other articles. They work by providing a protective layer between the items contained within them and other items in the washer and dryer.

These laundry bags help keep collegiate laundry operations running smoothly and have some other helpful uses too.

Team Laundry

For athletics, you can use the best laundry bags to separate specific articles from the rest of the team laundry, like items that contain Velcro straps that could pull threads from other garments.

You can also use mesh laundry bags to distinguish which items belong to which athlete since apparel like socks and pants all look the same.

To prevent this from happening, athletes can put their laundry into separate mesh laundry bags. The ID tags on the mesh bags help you identify which uniforms belong to which athlete as they’re taken out of the wash. This helps save time and energy—and keeps socks from ending up on the wrong feet.

Carrying Equipment and Balls

While using the best laundry bags is essential for collegiate team laundry, that’s not all they’re suitable for. They’re super helpful for storing equipment for practices and games and can be used as a low-cost alternative to other equipment bag options.

You can place smaller items in a laundry bag so they aren’t lost or misplaced. More oversized items like helmets or practice cones can be carried in larger bags, like our heavy-duty mesh ball bags. Lugging around equipment is much easier when it’s consolidated into an easy-to-carry bag.

Our mesh laundry bags also come in various colors, which is helpful for color-coding your team’s gear. When different things are required for different activities, you can use a separate color bag for each.

Carrying your equipment in mesh bags is also great for aeration—keeping everything dry and stink-free.

Closures Matter When Shopping for the Best Laundry Bags

There are different closure options available for mesh bags, depending on your needs and preferences. Some of the most popular closures available on the best laundry bag offerings from Texon feature net clips, zippers, and rubber closures.

Net Clip

Some laundry bags have an innovative alligator clip closure to secure the contents of your laundry bags. It’s also simple to use. You place your items in the bag, cinch it shut, and close the alligator clip. To reopen, you press down on the clip to release.

The gator clip is more secure than a traditional net pin closure and doesn’t easily come undone. This keeps your items from falling out during a wash or while being carried.


The main advantage of zippered mesh laundry bags is their ease of use and the ability to open and shut your bag quickly.

Some zippered bags with metal zippers become rusty over time, making them difficult to open and close. But not Texon’s zippered mesh bags; they’re made of heavy-duty plastic that won’t corrode.

Rubber Closure

Some laundry bags use a single-hole rubber enclosure to secure items. These are the best laundry bags if you want an option that is the most gentle on washers and dryers and won’t cause any damage. These mesh bags also don’t cause as much noise as other closure types when spinning.

The rubber enclosure is very secure and good for carrying smaller items, like tennis balls or golf balls.

Get the Laundry Bags from the Pros

At Texon, we work with hundreds of schools at all levels and use the highest quality mesh available to create our durable laundry bags, made to withstand your athletic program’s frequent and heavy washings.

Since 1976, we’ve served high school, collegiate, and professional sports. As experts in the field, we’re the preferred source for equipment managers, coaches, and laundry administrators. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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