How to Choose the Most Durable Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh Laundry Bag For Washing And Athletic Clothes

When it comes to choosing the most durable mesh laundry bags, you might think one size fits all. But, in actuality, choosing bulk mesh bags is like choosing new gym bags. There are many factors that matter—size, fabric construction, color, closure type, and more—when it’s time to determining which option best fits your needs.

Keep reading to learn the most important things to consider when picking out mesh bags for your athletic program.

What Features Do Durable Mesh Laundry Bags Have?

Even simple mesh bags for laundry have features that make a difference in your washing routine. Here is a rundown of the most critical to keep in mind.

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The first feature to think about is the material and its durability. For example, good mesh laundry bags hold up wash cycle after wash cycle. And, the most durable mesh bags are constructed from a tightly woven fabric that isn’t torn easily, making it less lightly for the bags to get holes that make it easy for smaller items, like socks, to escape when doing laundry.

Most high-quality options have holes no larger than three millimeters in diameter. While you likely won’t wash items that can get caught in the laundry bag’s holes, a denser fabric with smaller holes will last longer.

Texon’s mesh bags, for instance, are made of durable polyester leno-weave wide mesh. Many university equipment managers across the country prefer this material for its long-lasting quality, knowing they can wash them daily and last the entire year.  Texon’s mesh bag material is also used in the corrections industry due to its weight and strength.


Mesh laundry bags usually use a drawstring, plastic alligator clip (think a better version of the old rubber closures), or zipper closure. If you are looking for ease of use, choose mesh bags with zipper closures. They are super easy to use, but the downside is if you break a zipper, the bag is toast.  Mesh zipper bags are generally better for more delicate items, such as mesh athletic clothes and swim gear.   Mesh bags with alligator clip closures are super durable and really grip into the bags.  They will not accidentally open mid-cycle and are preferred by staff doing heavy commercial laundry loads due to their strength and durability


Using the right mesh laundry bag size is essential. Every load is different. You’ll need to figure out what will work best based on how many items you’re washing (and how big those items are).

One rule when doing laundry is not to overstuff your bags. That’s because when you put too many items in the bag, there isn’t enough room inside for the items to move around and get fully clean when washed, and they most certainly will not dry properly.  Most bags for athletes are 20″ x 30″, while some coaches and staff will prefer the 24″ 36″ size.  If you are washing delicates, such as women’s apparel, we see the 15″ x19″ as a popular option.

It might have to help bags of varying sizes depending on your needs. For example, it doesn’t make sense to use a large bag to wash a couple of things.

What Are the Benefits of Using Mesh Bags for Laundry?

While many people know not to mix items in the laundry, mesh laundry bags make that possible.

If you have delicate things that can get damaged in washers or dryers, the mesh bag protects them. Doing so allows you to put all like garments into the wash, saving you time, water, and detergent.

Mesh bags can also help keep items from separating in the wash. If you’ve ever lost socks in the washer or dryer, you know the frustration. A mesh laundry bag allows everything to stay together, and no one will find your left-behind socks in the next cycle.

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Mesh bags save you the time and trouble of digging through freshly washed clothes to find each athlete’s gear. With them, no sorting is necessary.

What Types of Items Can You Wash Using Mesh Bags?

Mesh bags are suitable for almost every clothing item. So whether you’re going to wash towels, socks, shirts, shorts, or any other type of athletic wear, these net bags can handle it all.

A favorite use for mesh bags is keeping socks together. When you’re doing laundry for a whole team, things can get lost. Using durable mesh laundry bags to keep things safe and secure is a great way to ensure your players’ socks don’t go missing when you do the wash.

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Texon prides itself on providing customers with the highest-quality, USA-made mesh bags at a great price. Having the right gear makes maintaining your team’s athletic clothes easier.

If you need help deciding which closure, size, and color will best fit your needs, let us know. We’re here to help.

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