What All Smart Gym Owners Know About Buying Disinfecting Wipes in Stock

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At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, all kinds of cleaning products were hard to find. Today, finding the best disinfecting wipes in stock continues to be challenging.

Creating a safe, hygienic environment is critical for any business—and, it will be for years to come.

High-quality disinfecting wipes are a powerful weapon in the war on germs. These convenient and effective towelettes help you reduce the spread of illness-causing germs.

In this blog article, you’ll learn about the different uses for disinfecting wipes. Read on to find out what to look for when shopping and discover where to shop for disinfecting wipes in stock.

What Are Common Uses for Disinfecting Wipes?

Disinfecting wipes are disposable towelettes moistened with disinfectant chemicals and are a hassle-free choice for all-in-one disinfecting. No packets, no sprays, and no bottles necessary. They come in convenient, compact tubs that make cleaning on the go easier.

Even though we can’t see them, we know pesky germs are everywhere. They especially like to linger on surfaces many different people touch throughout the day.

You Can Use Disinfecting Wipes to Kill Germs on:

  • Doorknobs
  • Railings
  • Countertops
  • Phones
  • Light switches
  • Faucets
  • Soap dispensers
  • Exam tables
  • Gym equipment
  • Digital displays
  • Trash bins
  • Conference room tables
  • The list goes on!

Most disinfecting wipes in stock are typically usable on all hard, washable non-porous surfaces. Some options, like Texon’s non-abrasive 2XL GymWipes, are even safe to use on LCD screens and plasma displays. They will not leave micro-scratches or do other damage. They’re also safe for use on materials like leather, vinyl, rubber, and chrome.

Before using any disinfecting wipes in stock, be sure to check for which surfaces that specific product has been approved.

How to Use a Disinfecting Wipe Correctly

  1. Wipe the surface until it appears visibly wet.
  2. Allow the disinfected surface to air dry.
  3. Discard the used wipe in the trash. (To prevent the risk of cross-contamination, use each towelette only once.)

After disinfecting a surface used to prepare and serve food, wipe it down with clean water after the surface has dried. This step will remove any potential residue left from the disinfecting wipe.

What to Know When Shopping for the Best Disinfecting Wipes in Stock

Not all cleaning wipes are disinfecting wipes. And, above all, not all disinfecting wipes in stock are created equal.

Some disposable wipes are described as “cleaning wipes.” These are meant only to get rid of grime, allergens, debris, and dust. Most often, they are just towelettes that have been saturated with a detergent or soapy water. They aren’t designed to kill germs. As a result, you can’t count on them as an option for stopping the spread of illnesses.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when you use disinfecting wipes, they will eliminate most (but not all) types of microorganisms. Be sure to read each product’s pathogen list. Companies will list information that specifies which bacteria their products eliminate.

Sanitizing Wipes vs. Disinfecting Wipes

Many cleaning wipes are only meant to sanitize, which does not mean the same thing as disinfecting. Manufacturers make disinfecting wipes with a special combination of chemicals that kill germs.

Furthermore, not all disinfecting wipes in stock are formulated the same. You can use only the high-quality versions containing acidic ingredients daily without degrading surfaces, for instance.

Unlike cheaper versions of disinfecting wipes in stock, you also don’t have to worry about residue. That’s because high-quality disinfecting wipes are specially formulated to remove oil, dirt, and germs without leaving a nasty film behind.

Disinfecting wipes on the EPA’s List N

The Environmental Protection Agency expects all disinfectants on List N to kill COVID-19 when used according to the label directions.

Texon’s 2XL Force 2 and Force Antibacterial Disinfecting Wipes are List N-approved products. Moreover, they have shown efficacy against noroviruses similar to COVID-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Our premium, affordable bulk disinfecting wipes in stock are:

  • Single-use/disposable
  • Large, thick, non-woven towelettes
  • Non-shredding (e.g., they won’t leave lint on surfaces after you wipe)
  • Ready-to-use and pre-soaked in an EPA-registered solution of disinfecting chemical ingredients
  • Effective at killing 99.9% of microscopic germs, fungi, and bacteria

Find Quality Disinfecting Wipes in Stock with Texon

Texon is your trusted source for high-quality List N disinfecting wipes. While some companies are importing lower-quality cleaning supplies, Texon distributes wipes made in the USA. In fact, we’ve had our disinfecting wipes in stock throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Many hospitals, government agencies, schools, gyms, and athletic teams trust Texon. We have helped thousands of businesses during the pandemic. In other words, we can help you keep your facilities germ-free, too.

Check out our full inventory of disinfecting wipes in stock and save money when you buy in bulk.

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