Why More Gym Owners Use 2XL Gym Wipes for Cleaner Facilities

Cleaning Seat of Gym Equipment With 2XL Wipe

Working out at home using Zoom or a fitness app just isn’t the same as sweating in person at a real gym. You can help your members feel comfortable enough to come in and work out by keeping your equipment clean using powerful 2XL wipes.

As people use the equipment and common areas, sweat and grime can build up, spreading germs. Gym wipes are used to disinfect equipment and frequently used surfaces, including weight benches, seat pads, armrests, hand grips, and more.

Keep reading to learn why 2XL wipes are the best on the market, where to buy them in bulk, and how to use them properly to keep your gym clean and free of germs.

What Makes 2XL Wipes Superior?

While some companies import wipes, 2XL products are made in the USA.

They are a top seller because customers managing sports centers, health clubs, gyms, physical therapy facilities, aerobics studios, and fitness centers consistently rate them the strongest, most durable, and most effective cleaning product available.

Top features of 2XL wipes:

  • Large, thick, non-woven towelettes
  • Non-shredding (they won’t leave lint on your surfaces)
  • Ready-to-use and pre-soaked
  • Convenient and affordable

2XL wipes are usable on all hard, washable non-porous surfaces. You can even use them to wipe down LCD screens and plasma displays—without leaving micro-scratches. They’re also safe to use on leather, vinyl, rubber, and chrome.

Not all gym wipes are the same. Only the highest-quality wipes (like those made by 2XL) can be used daily without degrading surfaces. That’s because they don’t contain any acidic ingredients.

Unlike cheaper gym wipes, you also don’t have to worry about residue with 2XL wipes. They are specially formulated to remove oil, dirt, and germs—gym without leaving a nasty film behind.

Make Gym Wipes Even More Convenient for Members and Employees

Easy-to-use 2XL gym wipes buckets give your gym members and staff a convenient way to wipe away sweat and germs from the equipment. You can easily place these portable buckets around your facility and in high-use areas.

You can make gym wipes even more convenient for your patrons, and level up the look of your facility with Texon’s gym wipes bucket stand, stainless steel wipes stand, or wall mount dispenser.

Types of 2XL Wipes

2XL makes different types of products for different uses. Some gym wipes are used for cleaning away sweat and dirt. Others are formulated to disinfect and sanitize.

Some of the most popular 2XL wipes include:

Advantage wipes are best for wiping away sweat, body oils, and dirt. They help you keep your gym clean and free from odors. Antibacterial and disinfecting wipes are used to keep your surfaces germ-free, as they contain a disinfectant that kills 99.9% of the germs that cause illness.

2XL Gym Wipes that Kill COVID-19

The EPA categorizes disinfectant products that are expected to kill coronavirus on what they call “List N.” Texon’s 2XL Force Wipes, 2XL Force 2, and 2XL Antibacterial Wipes are all List N products. They have shown efficacy against noroviruses similar to COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) on hard, non-porous surfaces when used as directed.

How to Use 2XL Gym Wipes

When using your gym wipes from 2XL, remove one towelette from the bucket and wipe the surface until it appears visibly wet. Allow the disinfected surface to air dry. Then, dispose of the used towelette in the trash. (Do not use a wipe more than once.)

You don’t need to wear disposable gloves for general cleaning tasks when using 2XL wipes. However, if you have extra sensitive skin, you may wear gloves to avoid potential irritation.

When you’re done using your 2XL wipes, wash your hands with soap and water to remove any lingering residue.

Shop Texon and Save When You Buy in Bulk

Gym owners across the country trust Texon Athletic Towel and Supply. Our 2XL refills provide a cost-effective solution for replenishing your supply. The more wipes per roll, the better the bargain. That’s why we offer our wipes and other products—like gym towels—in bulk.

While most bulk gym wipes you’ll find contain between 600-900 wipes per roll, Texon offers 2XL wipes that contain between 600 and 1,100 wipes per roll to help you save money and time refilling your dispensers.

Our family-owned and family-run business is here to help you stock up on everything you need to keep your gym clean and your members (and budget) happy.

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