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The Texon Laundry Collar... Keeps your Socks - Texon Athletic Towel

Used by Many of the Top Athletic Programs Nationwide

While there are other loop style drying systems on the market, the Laundry Collar, manufactured in the USA, invented by a collegiate equipment manager, and sold exclusively through Texon Athletic Towel and Laundry Supply Company. Sports team laundry is now easier and stays more organized with our Laundry Saver and Collar. The collar, or strap, helps you easily keep you laundry sorted. Loop it through all pieces of your uniform to keep them together. You will no longer have to worry about lost socks!

Texon Laundry Collar

Laundry Collar Benefits

  • Allows customers the ability to keep all clothing together during washing and drying so they
    have everything they need in one location.
  • Are you tired of picking up loose socks? KEEP YOUR SOCKS! The sock attachment clips are designed to hold the sock securely in an intuitive user friendly way. Stop sorting socks after
    the wash/dry.
  • Holds 8-10 garments per Collar.
  • Saves time by not having to sort so many different articles of clothing after the washing and
    drying process.
  • The laundry collars are made of polypropylene webbing that does not shrink or curl after
    repeated washing and drying.
  • Each laundry collar has a label located near the buckle that allows the user to personalize
    each collar with whatever information they wish, that will not wash or rub off.
  • The laundry collars will not harm the insides of washers and dryers because of the webbing
    and plastics used in its construction.
  • Because of the amount of colors available (currently 16), users are able to sort their laundry
    quickly and efficiently.
  • Laundry collars do not utilize metal laundry pins or parts. Metal laundry pins damage clothing because they must pierce the clothing and creates holes in socks and other items over time; furthermore, metal laundry pins can damage the drums in washers and dryers and are very
    hot to handle when removed from dryers.
  • Laundry Collars are proudly designed by an equipment manager in Michigan, and are made
    in the USA.
  • Laundry Collars are made from heat resist plastics that will not damage washers and dryers

How to Use the Laundry Saver and Laundry Collar

Our laundry collars are easy to use. The collar can be put through a leg and shirt opening, and the socks are securely fastened by using the attached sock clip or pin. Once everything is securely fastened simply toss the collar in the washer. The Laundry Collar and Saver keeps everything organized and secure while in the washer and dryer.

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